Algo Trading

We develop and license a set of algorithms for automated trading of financial instruments, specifically currency and commodity markets. We use methods and tools for practical, and relatively easy, use.

For investors

Licensing of algorithms for investors with higher risk aversion as an alternative appreciation of available funds.

  • Funds under its own control.
  • Setting the risks according to the investor.
  • Individual and flexible licensing payments.

For traders

Consultations for traders focused on technical aspects of Algo Trading.

  • Cooperation in areas of common interest.
  • Paid services with individual price.

Results and references

Some client and demonstration accounts are connected to the analytic server or even monitored in real time. Server then handles a variety of statistics for a detailed analysis.

We also have references from clients who have used our products, and on request we can mediate them.

Disclaimer: Trading on financial markets carries a higher degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Historical performance of trading strategies in any case does not guarantee future results.


Situation, influence and impact of algorithms

Hedge funds that rely on computer programs to trade are producing some of the highest returns in the industry.


Algorithms Take Control of Wall Street.


Robo-Advisor services are increasing the volume of funds under management.

Visual Capitalist

Case study

As a problem has been defined the choice of approaches / tools to the portfolio, with low (insignificant) correlation for the efficient diversification. The goal was not to conclude which assets include in the portfolio or in what proportion, but to highlight the problem of long-term high correlation (positive and negative), and suggest solution that lead to greater efficiency.

From case study results can not do general conclusions, particularly with regard to the constant changes in market conditions. On the other hand, it has demonstrated effectiveness in the use of alternative tools such as automated trading systems and potential contribution to the overall portfolio.


Algorithms in action

Algorithms in our conception are small programs (add-ons) for major software, trading platform of market provider, where evaluate incoming market data and decide about trading orders.

In the demonstration video is a trading platform with 6 “algorithms”. In the time range of 3 hours, you can see the evaluation of gold price, adjustment of trading orders and execution of trade.

Methods and approaches


Simulated historical performance itself says nothing about future profitability. Our approach is based on research of processes which in the first phase ensure the selection of algorithms with positive profitability in the simulated future. This provides a premise that in the second phase will be selected algorithms delivering real gain.

It also includes ensuring the ongoing adaptation to changing market conditions, both shifting time window including new data, so limiting the useful life of the individual algorithms.


If you are interested in our services as an investor or trader, you can contact us and notify its intention.

Notes on risks

Trading has profitable, but also large risk potential. Therefore, this kind of trading is not suitable for everyone. Before you invest any amount of money, it is advisable to carefully informed about the opportunities and risks of many different aspects (financial, legal, tax, etc.).

The company only distributes and implements software solution. It is not a registered broker or investment advisor. For clients only provides software and purchasing the right to use the software does not allow access to the financial market and thus for the user does not mediate nor offer any investment service or consulting.

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